Devils are not the only thing to come from Tasmania. Singer-songwriter Audrey Auld's heart is in Country/Folk music, with a presence as big as The Outback. Her songs are the wry and poignant observations of an Aussie troubadour touring the States since 2003.

Ever the fearlessly independent woman, she runs her own label Reckless Records and enjoys great success as a songwriter. Auld's songs are recorded by Nashville stars and Carter Family descendants, are heard on the Grand Ole Opry, TV shows (Justified, The Good Guys, Longmire,NCIS New Orleans) and within the walls of San Quentin Prison where she has hosted songwriting workshops since 2006 and continues to perform for and work with incarcerated people.

An honest and witty writer and spontaneous comedienne, Auld is never afraid to venture into the dark places of life and shine a humorous light upon them. It's in her live show that you'll really meet her. She's entertaining, funny, heartfelt and dry. You'll laugh and cry. She's wickedly witty with a country sound that harks back to the days of a tight frock and a promise. But don’t be fooled – she’s Australian after all….

Auld lives in NorCal with her plumber husband and two good dogs where she makes jewelry, writes songs and stories, travels the cancer journey and goes forest-bathing and beach-combing.

"Audrey Auld's voice and songwriting skills are talents to behold in a very shallow musical world." ~ Alan Harrison, No Depression 2013

"Anyone doubting that Audrey Auld is one of the world's best songwriters should give "Resurrection Moon" a listen." ~ Paul Riley, Country Music People, UK, April 2012

Career highlights:

  • San Quentin Prison - songwriting workshops and concerts.
  • Songs placed on various TV shows via
  • Winner Chris Austin Song Contest, MerleFest NC 2006
  • Performing at the Carter Family Fold, Hiltons, Virginia.
  • Singing harmony with Buddy Miller and band in Australia.
  • Touring Australia and USA with Fred Eaglesmith.
  • Establishing Reckless Records in 1998.
  • 2 ARIA Nominations (Aust. Recording Industry Assn). for self-produced and self-released albums on her own Reckless Records label.
  • 4 songs cut by other artists (including Sunny Sweeney, Big Machine Records).
  • 2 Golden Guitar nominations (Australia).
  • Sitting with Charlie Louvin in his pick-up truck listening to the pre-release CD of the Louvin Bros. tribute album.
  • Playing on Ernest Tubb’s Midnite Jamboree with Don Helms (Hank Williams’ Band) on steel guitar, Jett Williams as MC and singing harmony with Charlie Louvin on "I Saw The Light".
  • Recording with Kieran Kane, Fred Eaglesmith, Mary Gauthier, Dale Watson, Colin Gilmore, Bill Chambers, Kasey Chambers, Nina Gerber, Carrie Rodriguez, Gabe & Kimmie Rhodes.
  • Kasey Chambers included "Song For Clax" in her Top Ten favorite songs (2001).

"Audrey Auld is a great singer songwriter. She holds a unique place in contemporary Americana/Roots music. I believe that this uniqueness is largely due to the fact that she is Australian. This affords her a totally different attitude as an artist than traditional American contributors to this genre. Audrey is one of the most honest original artists I know."
~ Fred Eaglesmith

"I just finished listening to "Losing Faith" and it levelled me - I had to crawl to the computer to let you know how much it moved me, even after only one listen - I'm hooked". ~ Eliza Gilkyson

“Audrey is the real deal. I call her the Australian songbird. She has that wide-open sound & it’s easy to relate to her music because she sings from the soul.” ~ Jimmy LaFave

“The beauty of Audrey's work is that she understands the power of simplicity. Whether it be in a traditional country setting or on the more edgy tracks her voice stays honest and true." ~ Kieran Kane


The National Underground, Nashville, January 3rd, 2012
by Barry Mazor

"I got the chance to catch a show by new American citizen, and engaging, smart, feisty performer, Australian-raised Audrey Auld, at her gig at a new, modestly-sized but much needed Lower Broad venue, The National Underground (Nashville). and Americana acts such as Audrey are being booked here along with indie rock, and you can get a pretty good burger and a drink and see just this level of performer, with a sustaining if not (yet) enormous career, but very notable talents. There’s always room for places like that. (Stringed instrument whiz and versatile singer-songwriter Annie McCue, also from Oz, backed Audrey on some fine electric guitar,.)

If you haven’t caught on to Ms. Auld, you should. She held the stage for nearly two hours and interest did not flag. The choices of songs by others say a lot—in this case, songs by Fred Eaglesmith, Paul Thorn, but also Ernest Tubb . Auld is deeply knowledgeable in traditional country of varied flavors, and it shows; she most often writes and performs songs in honky tonk mode, her most singular suit being witty takes on the genre expectations, comparable to, say, some of the best of Lyle Lovett. Sunny Sweeney’s recorded her “I’m Gonna Be the Next Big Nothing,” and the evening’s set list included such Auld originals as the Loretta-like “Ball and Chain,” “Darlin’, You’ve Got a Drinkin’ Problem—It’s Me,” and a new, blatantly truthful one called “I’m Forty.” Auld sings with finesse, lustily, and effectively. I recommend her CD Come Find Me."

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We were there:Audrey Auld's Tasmanian Wit and Wonder
Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, Dallas, Texas
Michael Granberry/Reporter - The Dallas Morning News
August 20, 2011

"It's one thing for singers to write beautifully and sing beautifully, but when they're also funny, as in stand-up-comic funny, it makes going to their shows not only pleasurable but also memorable, well beyond the exit ramp headed back home. How many times do you leave a concert and finding yourself quoting lines the singer says in between the songs? Such is the case with Tasmanian native Audrey Auld, who came to Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse Friday night and put on another killer show. I had it marked on my calendar: I saw Auld at last year's Woody Guthrie preview show, where she offered up ballads that made you want to hear them again while telling stories like no one else can.
Friday night elevated Auld to the status of headliner, and once again, she was terrific. She has a natural understanding of a sense of surprise and why it's important in a concert. She opened with the title song from her new album, "Come Find Me," which made me wonder not if but when Auld should and will become a major country star. My favorite, of course, is "I'd Leave Me Too," which is downright hilarious. She says it ended up on the television show Justified on the FX cable network.
Plenty of other lyrics got our attention: "Bury me at Wal-Mart, so she can see me every day." But Auld isn't just about humor. Her song "Bread and Roses," sung for the inmates at San Quentin as part of the late Mimi Farina's organization, Bread and Roses, is tear-in-the-eye memorable. All in all, a great show at Uncle Calvin's."


"I want to say thank you again for the wonderful show you provided on Friday. You are a true inspiration in a crowded world of artists. I appreciate all you do and your wonderful catalogue of music. I look forward to working with you in the future. You are the type of artist I desire to present on any stage. Best of luck and I hope the creative drive continues to persist!"
Toby Weisand, Columbus Ohio promoter, November 2012

"Given your life experience and philosophy, and the effective way it is communicated in both your music and your humor, that concert was a personal growth experience for all in attendance. Personal growth is what UU is in the business of. Thank you for being with us."
~ Ken Teixeira, Treasure Coast UU Church, Stuart, FL, Feb 2012

“Audrey Auld is a joy to watch, she loves to perform and it shows in every song she sings. I want to be entertained by artists that create what they perform and Audrey is the real deal, as she writes most or all of her show. She is brilliant. Audrey performed at the Fred Eaglesmith Summer picnic in 2005. To date no one has sold the amount of CDs she did.”

~ Suzy Miller, Manager, Fred Eaglesmith

“I have hosted Audrey Auld many times in many different circumstances and hope to continue to do so. Her music has been such a refreshing blast from Down Under. Her lyrics give voice to the gamut of emotions we feel and experience, conveyed in a beautiful, yet believable voice. Her singing sometimes sounds as though she's from Austin instead of Australia, with a country-type flair, and at times as sweet and tender as a voice can be. Auld Mezera's performances are always entertaining and fresh. She has a wonderful sense of humor and can read an audience and captivate and involve them. I was blown away by Audrey the first time I heard her and it's only gotten better in the ensuing years. I look forward to hosting her again and again.”
~ Laurie Schaeffer, Schaef-Abel Productions, Santa Rosa, CA.

“Audrey is a unique performer in the best possible way. I have been enjoying Audrey's CD's and live shows for more than 10 years. She breathes new life into old songs, and her self penned songs are always entertaining and revealing. She bares her soul in her lyrics. There is only one Audrey Auld. A five star performer not to be missed.”
~ Rhonda Astill, NSW Australia

“I first heard Audrey opening for Fred Eaglesmith and was intrigued. Some time later she approached me about the possibility of hosting her at a house concert in my home in Davis Ca. There is always a bit of trepidation when I bring in someone for the first time, such questions as will they be well received, can they carry an evening, are they personable go thorugh my mind. Audrey laid them all to rest very quickly. She is a great singer and a wonderful writer of songs. I love the stories she tells in her songs, they feel real and her voice is a good voice to sing them. It is a strong voice that can convey a whole range of emotion which enhances her songs. She also has great taste in the songs she chooses from other writers. I recently had the opportunity to host her a second time, this time being joined by Nina Gerber. Nina is well known in this area from her days with Kate Wolf and a number of people who came to the concert came to hear Nina, not knowing at all who Audrey is. Later I spoke to some who were won over by Audrey that evening.
The two of them are a great combination and it would be nice to see them continue their association. I think Audrey is someone who deserves to be recognized.”

~ Bill Wagman, Wagman House Concerts, Davis, CA.





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